Friday, October 16, 2009

Stupa at Borobudur

The Borobodur Temple is one the great Buddhist stupa on Java (Indonesia), built and decorated perhaps before 800AD. Borobudur, the temple on the hill is a complete initation to Buddhist art, religion and customs. It conveys the visitor to the heart of the life of Buddha with strong iconographical details.

Located at 42 kms west of Yogyakarta, on the island of Java in Indonesia.

The plan for this stupa is a schematized representation of the cosmos, a mandala. After visiting its lower terraces decorated with bas-reliefs, pilgrims attain the shrine's crowning stupa, which symbolizes the Absolute.

(Wikipedia) In Indonesian, ancient temples are known as candi; thus "Borobudur Temple" is locally known as Candi Borobudur. The term candi is also used more loosely to describe any ancient structure, for example gates and bathing structures.

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Postcardy said...

It looks like it would be an interesting place to visit.

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I love the whole idea of mandalas in art, philosophy, architecture etc. but this is the first time that I've seen these buildings. Thanks for the sharing,
Evelyn in Montreal

viridian said...

Gosh, this is beautiful. I could learn alaot by visitng here. You post has taught me things already!

Snap said...

This is a wonderful card ... stupa, mandala .. beautiful!

steviewren said...

The card is fascinating as is your explanation. The stamp is beautiful.

Sheila said...

A beautiful place. there are so many wonderful sights in the world.