Friday, October 23, 2009

Skywatch Friday : Sky above Pudu Jail

Hooray, it's another Skywatch Friday !!

It was early morning , around 7.30am - 8am. The sky was dull .

I was stand not far away from a 114 years old building which to be demolished (part been demolished) soon to make way for a road expansion and tunnel project on Jalan Pudu.

* Pudu Prison also called Pudu Jail was build by the British in 1895 as a prison in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur area. As such, it was used to house criminals including drug offenders and was a location for administering corporal punishment through rotan caning.

The oldest remand centre in Malaysia, built by the British Government in 1895, designed by ACA Norman. It was then called the Pudoh Gaol. The electic style is achieved through the adaptation of Moorish, Tudor, Neo-Classical and Neo Gothic styles to local architectural styles and cultures.

a 'forest' in the city centre

Part of the building was demolished :(

I am sad that KL will lost another one inreplacable landmark, the historical spot.

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Photo Cache said...

Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that too.

Dewdrop said...

It's so frustrating when that happens. Beautiful sky shot. I love a hazy obscured sky... goes with the mood of the post.

Quiet Paths said...

Pretty darn fascinating building and your shots lead one right into the narrative. I am surprised the local govt would allow its removal.

AKO said...

It seems that the sky is mourning for the coming destruction. These things happen all the time but it's still sad.