Friday, October 23, 2009

PFF : Mask Carnival

Postcards about Mask Carnival always on top my wishlist.
Thank you to Eleua from Italy and Hiltrud I. Warntjen from Germany send me the postcards.

What make me so impressed about this Carnival is I can't imagine how 'crazy' and fun carnival was celebrated and wonder whom was behind the beautiful mask, full of myterious.

The mask in the city of Venice has ancient origins and was used for many months of the year. Masks were allowed from the day of Santo Stefano, which marked the start of the Venetian carnival, to midnight of Shrove Tuesday which marked the end. (Naturally, they were forbidden on days of religious festivals).

The oldest document pertaining to the use of masks in Venice dates back to 2nd May 1268. In the document it is written that it was forbidden for masqueraders to practice the game of the "eggs".

Read more about the impressive mask carnival here.

Venice Carnival 2010 will be held on Feb 6 - 16th.
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Snap said...

Beautiful carnival cards. The masks fit in with the upcoming Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it definitely fits in with Halloween!

Marie Reed said...

Practice the game of eggs! I wonder what that means! The Easter bunny should not go to Venice during carnival!

Beth Niquette said...

That is fascinating. Thank you for the history, and for sharing these wonderful postcards. Happy PFF!

Sheila said...

I've always wanted to go to Venice during Carnivale, ever since my husband brought me back a beautiful mask. These are fantastic cards you have here.

Regina said...

Great post! I am fascinated with mask and the history of it.
Thank you for sharing and
for coming by.
Have nice weekend.

postcardkris said...

The eggs game must have something to do with public school education in the U.S. On Halloween my kids can wear their costume to school but no masks or make up.

steviewren said...

Wonder what's up with the eggs? Great card. Nice background info.

soda_santa said...

I too am curious about the game of the eggs. Colorful postcards.