Wednesday, June 30, 2010

R.K.Kerk Rhoon

R.K.Kerk Rhoon
" It's the Roman Chatolic Church in Rhoon. And this is quite how the most churches look here in the Netherlands. Every city and village has a church tower pointing in the sky. " according to Nickyih8g

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rospuda, Poland


The Rospuda is a small river in north-eastern Poland. It flows through the Suwałki Region of Poland, including the north-western part of the large Augustów Primeval Forest wilderness area. Its continuation, the Netta, is a tributary of the Biebrza. Around 2006 the river was threatened by planned construction of the Augustów bypass expressway, which was to cut across the protected wilderness area in the valley. After an intense campaign of protests in Poland and abroad and also counter-protests of the local community, the plans have been changed, and now the highway has been rerouted to completely avoid the wilderness area.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Alsace, France



Located in north-eastern France, alongside Switzerland and Germany, Alsace enjoys an ideal location in the heart of Europe. Alsace is the fourth-smallest of the 26 regions of France in land area and the smallest in metropolitan France. It is also the sixth-most densely populated region in France and third most densely populated region in metropolitan France.

The name "Alsace" derives from the Germanic Ell-sass, meaning "Seated on the Ill" a river in Alsace.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jerusalem at night


Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Located in the Judean Mountains, between the Mediterranean Sea and the northern edge of the Dead Sea, modern Jerusalem has grown far beyond the boundaries of the Old City. The oldest part of the city, the City of David was settled in the 4th millennium BCE, making it one of the oldest cities in the world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

st mary's cathedral

Designed by William Wardell in the English Gothic revival style, St Mary's , the largest Cathedral in Australia, sits in the middle of superb parkland in the center of Sydney.

Founded in 18214, it was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1865. The new Cathedral was built with honey-coloured dressed Pyrmont sandstone and was developed in three stages between 1866 and 1928.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beautiful Day !!!

K. Majewska, A.Tylkowski

I'm a bit upset and fed-up about my work recently.
But when I look at this card, I even photocopy it to larger size.

Thank you to Emily to send me this 'cheerful' card from Poland.

Hope this card do cheers up you too :)

Have a great day !!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010 世博


Expo 2010 Shanghai China Mascot.

Expo 2010, officially Expo 2010 Shanghai China is being held on both banks of the Huangpu River in the city of Shanghai, China, from May 1 to October 31, 2010. It is a World Expo in the tradition of international fairs and expositions. The theme of the exposition is "Better City – Better Life" and signifies Shanghai's new status in the 21st century as the "next great world city".

More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organizations have registered to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, the largest ever.

* Thank you to Wang Jia Yi for responding to my request for the Expo Card !!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Royal Barge Chanting Ceremony, Bangkok

The Royal Barge Chanting Ceremony, Bangkok

The Royal Barge chanting is considered to have originated from the Brahman chanting and its tradition is considered an important part of the Royal Barge Procession and Thai cultural heritage.

The processions were arranged for river journeys made by His Majesty the King of Thailand for private functions or state ceremonies.

* Suphannahong Royal Barge – is the highest-ranking “King’s Royal Barge” that is used only by the King. The original barge was built during the Ayudhaya Period. This royal barge with its swan-like figurehead is elaborately carved, gilded and decorated with countless small of mirrors.

* The Narai Song Suban King Rama IX Royal Barge – is classified as a “secondary Royal Barge”. It features the figurehead of the god Vishnu riding on the Garuda.

* The Anantanagaraj Royal Barge – is also classified as a “secondary Royal Barge” and is used to carry the King or to install holy objects. The hull is painted green and interior painted red.

* The Anekchatphutchong Royal Barge – is classified as the third-ranking barge among the “Secondary Royal Barge” and is used for unofficial proceedings. The hull is painted pink, and the interior red.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Story of Persian

Nadih Shah
Portrait of Nadir Shah

Nāder Shāh Afshār also known as Nāder Qoli Beg or Tahmāsp Qoli Khān (November, 1688 [1] or August 6, 1698[2] – June 19, 1747) ruled as Shah of Iran (1736–47) and was the founder of the Afsharid dynasty.
Because of his military genius, some historians have described him as the Napoleon of Persia or the Second Alexander.
Nader Shah was a member of the Turcophone Afshar tribe of northern Persia,which had supplied military power to the Safavid state since the time of Shah Ismail I.
Nader rose to power during a period of anarchy in Persia after a rebellion by Afghans had overthrown the weak Shah Soltan Hossein, and both the Ottomans and the Russians had seized Persian territory for themselves. Nader reunited the Persian realm and removed the invaders. He became so powerful that he decided to depose the last members of the Safavid dynasty, which had ruled Persia for over 200 years, and become shah himself in 1736. His campaigns created a great empire that briefly encompassed what is now Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, parts of the Caucasus region.

The Meeting of Siyarush and Afrasiyab, Firdosi Shahnama
Probably Qazwin, Persia

Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan with two attendants
17th Century AD/11th Century AH

Shahab Uddin Muhammad Shah Jahan I January 1592 – 22 January 1666) was the emperor of the Mughal Empire in India from 1628 until 1658. The name Shah Jahan comes from Persian meaning "king of the world." He was the fifth Mughal ruler after Babur, Humayun, Akbar, and Jahangir. While young, he was a favourite of his legendary grandfather Akbar the great. He is also called Shahjahan The Magnificant.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountain

A ‘must visit’ Blue Mountains attraction is the world famous Scenic World Blue Mountains in Katoomba where you can experience a 720 metre journey in a glass bottom Skyway cable car suspended 270m above ancient ravines and dazzling waterfalls, or descend 415m through a cliff side tunnel on one of the world’s steepest railways.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saint Basil Cathedral on Red Square


Red Square is a city square in Moscow. The square separates the Kremlin, the former royal citadel and currently the official residence of the President of Russia, from a historic merchant quarter known as Kitai-gorod. As major streets of Moscow radiate from here in all directions, being promoted to major highways outside the city, Red Square is often considered the central square of Moscow and all of Russia.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle), Romania


Bran Castle, situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Commonly known as "Dracula's Castle" (although it is one among several locations linked to the Dracula legend, including Poienari Castle and Hunyad Castle), it is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker's Dracula. There is, however, no evidence that Stoker knew anything about this castle. There is evidence, however, that Vlad Tepes actually did use the castle during his raids into Transylvania.

The building of Bran Castle started somewhere around the year 1378. The constructors somehow succeeded in combining wood with the rock brought from Magura Branului.

The castle had a protective and commercial purpose. It had two rows of walls closing the passing towards South. They were made in stone and brick. Only few traces of the initial defense position still exist.

The undersized building of the ancient Post Office had a pit with 6-8 rooms and a cellar also used as prison. It hasn't been preserved.


Thank you to Mircea of postcard-travel-guide for this beautiful postcard.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interior da Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Conceicao


It is the second oldest church in the state, behind St. Peter's Cathedral in Rio Grande, and one of the most quoted praised by former foreign travelers visiting these lands. In its surroundings there is nothing left from colonial times, the church remains as a unique relic, though splendid eighteenth-century architecture in the city.

The matrix is trace baroque colonial elements with rococo decoration, and its thick walls and imposing feature resembles a fortress, reflecting the period of border disputes between the Portuguese and Spanish territories in South America


Thank you to Luciano to send me this gorgeous postcard and stamps !!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Turku, Finland

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Turku is over 800 years old and it's the oldest town in Finland.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Theatre Square in Klaipeda's Old Town, Lithuania



Klaipeda is Lithuania's third largest city, located in the north-western corner of the country. Klaipėda city is known for it's main icons: sculpture Annchen von Tarau, located in theater square, old sailing ship "Meridianas" (there were restaurant inside), also there are lots of small sculptures (sculpture of mouse, dog, dragon, chimney sweep, post pigeons and others) hiding in the old town.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Washington, DC


1st row from the left
1. Capitol Building
2. White house
3.Washington Monumnet
4.National Mall

Middle row
1. Jefferson Memorial
2. Lincoln Memorial

Last row
1.Vietnam War Mem.
2. Ford's Theater
3. Iwo Jima Statue
4. Capitol Dome