Friday, December 16, 2016

2017 Japan New Year Card

I just came back from vacation to Kyoto and Osaka, Japan early of the week. 
It was our annual family trip. However, it is not snowing in Kyoto and Osaka yet. 
In this trip, we even booked to stay at Japanese communities via AirBnb (free $35 credit if you sign up using the affiliate link.) It was a memorable experience trip for our family. 

Japanese is known to be politeness, they greet their customers/passengers 'arigato (thank you)' after each service. Japan appear to be one of tech-advance country, but the Japanese still love handwritten letter/card to express their gratitude. 

One suggestion : It will be good if you can pay to visit to their post office.
You may able to 'hunt' for some nice paper items.  
For the month of December, the new year postcard of 2017 is made available for sale. 

Of course, no one can resist those 'kawaii' card and postcard. 

Other than post office, the new year also available for sales in convenient store (eg. Family Mart) and some train station n(eg. JR).

A postcard that I send to myself during the trip :)
Next year (2017) is the year of Rooster.