Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Multiview of Asmara, Eritrea

Thank you to Mansour willing to swap postcard with me from Eritrea.

" This picture depicts a multiview picture of Asmara's art-deco buildings build back in 1930s. It's the makor art-deco structures in Africa to which lucky enough, there are still intact Bennito Mussolini, nearly century ago, was quoted as lagina that he would built Piccola Roma in Africa ~ Asmara "

Eritrea is located in North East Africa.

ASMARA (Asmera) ~~ Eritrea's capital is situated on the eastern edge of Eritrea's highland plateau. Asmara enjoys a great climate, clean and picturesque streets, attractive palm trees, and a reputation as one of the safest, calm and alluring capital cities in Africa. The name is derived from Arbaete Asmara which literally means, in the Tigrinya language, "the four (villages) are united".

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David Thompson said...

I never tire of looking at Asmara's amazing Art Deco buildings

Bradpetehoops said...

Nice African place.

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