Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hong Kong's Trams

Postcard image credit to ©Keith Macgregor.

For nearly 100 years electric trams have provided reliable public transport along the north of Hong Kong Island. At night they trundle through a blaze of electric signage.


Postcard image credit to ©Keith Macgregor.

Hong Kong's oldest form of mechanical transport, the Peak Tram opened in 1888.
Originally run by steam it converted to electricity in 1926 and then to microprocessor control in 1989. The upper teminus is 397 metres (1302 ft) above sea level and the single journey takes 8 minutes from the lower terminus in St John's Building.


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I love trams. Thanks for posting these!

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Wow! I like metro, but cards are very very nice.

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Good to see trams still trundling ! have a good day!

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