Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mount Kinabalu Peaks

I'm digging out one of my postcard collection of Mount Kinabalu and thought to make some research about the peaks. I've not climbing mountain since I met an accident and hurtled my knee some years back. So only see the peaks directly from the postcard :p   
Here are some famous peaks...
Low's Peak (4,095.2m)
Highest point of Mount Kinabalu. The peak is easy to identify when you are standing on the summit plateau
Donkey's Ear Peak (4,054m)
The peak is easy to be recognize by its distinctive shape that looks like donkey ears. However, the twin peak landmark has been destroyed due to the tremors on June 5,2015 with the top of one of the peaks falling off. 
South Peak (3,933m)
The most famous landmark of Mount Kinabalu. It's called as Seringgit Puncak by the locals, the peak is on our RM1 ringgit paper notes.
St John's Peak (4,090.7m)
It is the second highest peak of Mount Kinabalu. There is a visual illustration on the rock face. Some people commented that they can see the Orang Utan face on it. 
Victoria's Peak (4,090m)
This peak easily to be differentiate from other peaks with a horn or stub sticking out. 
Low's Gully (named after Hugh Low)
About 1,800m deep, is one of the least explored and most inhospitable places on earth (Source: Wiki).

Climbing trail of Mount Kinabalu.


Nancy Chan said...

Hi Lay Hoon, the memory of the victims on Mount Kinabalu is still fresh on my mind. We really do not know what tomorrow may bring. Thank you for sharing.

Alexander said...

That is a nice way to look back.

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LifeRamblings said...

Sad to hear about the horrible earthquake and loss of lives.

Thomas Lee said...

Didn't know there are so many peaks up there.