Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Illustration Postcard as Promotional Tools

Halo, my dear friend. 

I love to collect illustration postcards, and it's normally wrapped / given as an exclusive gift upon a purchase of magazine or book. I'm not too sure about you, but for me, I will purchase the magazine / stuff that I may not need / want, but just to own the byproduct, i.e. illustration postcard. 

The 4 piece of postcards posted here are coming as a free gift from a Taiwan magazine , one of the topic in that series talked about postcards.  

 Jeff Szuc's posted some tips to use Illustration Postcard as an effective promotional tools to an outlay of effort-to-work-to-ratio-of-return-on-investment. 


Nancy Chan said...

Hmmm I like your postcards, especially the last one.

Lay Hoon said...

There are so unique and limited in edition :)

Linda said...

Lovely postcards! :)