Thursday, May 7, 2009

I climbed Mt Kinabalu ?

Sunrise over Mt Kinabalu

Low's Peak, at 4095m, is the summit of Mount Kinabalu, the focal point of the immensely popular Kinabalu Park, established in 1964. Visitors from the world over flow into Sabah to visit this superbly managed Park to enjoy the scenery and the thousands of plant and animal species found on this unique tropical mountain, where biodiversity reaches its peak development.

Can you see little people.
How tiny was us.

(climbing trail of Mt Kinabalu)

Did I conquer Mount Kinabalu, 4,000+ m ?
I'm not. But my friend ~ Yeo did.

However, I wish to fly to Sabah and have enough stamina to climb to the peak :p

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MML said...

So do u actually climbed the Mount Kinabalu? One of these days, i'll climbed it, is there any groups that i join in-order to climb Mt Kinabalu?

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