Monday, June 8, 2015

Stay safe Sabah !

We are feeling so sadden to hear the news about an earthquake hit Ranau (approx. 20km from the Mount Kinabalu park) on June 5,2015 at 7.15am with the tremors felt in Tambunan, Pedalaman, Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu and Kota Belud.

We were taught since young in school that we are NOT living in a location that prone to earthquake. We shall change our perspective in the aftermath of the Sabah quake and to be conscious about how and what to do when an earthquake strikes. 'It's not the shaking that hurts. It's the stuff that falls on your head'. The most quake-related injuries and deaths are caused by the collapsing building, flying glass/ stone and falling objects. 

Japan-Talk shared tips on things-to-know to survive earthquake in Japan which may also applicable for other nations. Japanese people are trained in earthquake survivor skill from childhood   
(1) Hid under a sturdy object like desk or table 
(2) Don't rush out of building (as sign, wall, other object may fall) , seek for wide open area 
(3) Turn off gas and stove 
(4) Open the door to secure exist 
(5) Taking cover outside (protect your head)

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