Thursday, July 2, 2009

UNESCO China ~ Potala Palace

One of the famous shrines of Lamaism, the Potala Palace is situated on Red Mountain in Lhasa, Tibet.
The Palace was constructed in the seventh century, and is the quintessence of ancient Tibetan architecture.
The complex is divided into two sections : the Red Palace and the White Palace. It is the treasury of Tibetan culture and arts, and many precious cultural relics are kept here, such as Sutras, images of Buddha, and Thangkas, etc...

I've been one of the Tibetan Monastry in XiNing Province in my Silk Road trip.
The interior was excellent, riched with colours, hand sewn images.
But, we were not allowed to take any photos.
May be they want to keep it as mystery as possible.

We supposed to visit another gorgeous Tibetan Monastry in XiaHe.
However, the Monastry was closed for visitors due to political issue.

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itsallgroovy said...

Beautiful Postcards. I wanted you to know that because of you I have the slide shows on my blogs plus I joined the Postcrossings. I sent out five last week and I'm excited to get my collection started.
Thanks for sharing..
Plus ... I Love your other blog too!!