Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nagoya-Jo Castle, Nagoya

I've received the postcard from Tanouchi Seiko of Japan.
I so much surprised when she wrote to me in Chinese.


Nagoya Castle was constructed on the orders of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in order to secure an important position on the Tokaido highway and to ward off attacks from the direction of Osaka.

Construction was completed in 1612, and the castle is typical of those built on flatlands.
In May 1945, during the air raids on Nagoya in the Second World War, most of the buildings including the main and small donjons, and the Hommaru Palace, were burned down. Fortunately, however, three corner towers, three gates, and most of the paintings on the sliding doors and walls in the Hommaru Palace survived the fire, and have been handed down as Important Cultural Assets.

See the Nagoya Castle Map here.

The matched stamp and the postcard !

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