Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cahuita National Park , Limon of Costa Rica

Cahuita National Park was created on September 7, 1970, for the purpose of protecting the coastal flora and fauna, in addition to the coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Cahuita's main attractions are its white sandy beaches, miles of coconut groves, tranquil clear seas and a coral reefs. Cahuita Point is mostly swamp, with an abundance of coconut trees and the beach almond trees.

Costa Rica, which translates literally as "Rich Coast".

Costa Rica is composed of seven provinces.
The provinces are:

1. Alajuela
2. Cartago
3. Guanacaste
4. Heredia
5. Limón
6. Puntarenas
7. San José

The central government offers tax exemptions for those who are willing to invest in the country.

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Bradpetehoops said...

The most cleanest in terms of clean air. Preserves trees like in Japan. They love the nature. they fight the Global Warming.