Monday, October 27, 2008

Macedonia ~ Matka - Skopje

This is mine first ever postcard received from Macedonia.

Thank you to ANA for sending this lovely postcard from far away.

I've learned that Matka is a small community outside Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Matka is also the Macedonian word for “womb.” A lovely convent near the Tresca River Canyon – dramatically cleaving granite cliffs – is named for Mary, mother of Jesus, and is dedicated to mothers “from whom all human life flows.”

You may visit Exploring Macedonia site here.


Ana said...

heeey, my card had arrived!!! Yayy!!! Its sooo great to see it here!! :)

You are more than welcome for the card...and i like the overview about it :)

if you ever want another card in the future, you know whom to turn to ;-)


dmarks said...

I just don't see many Macedonia postcards.

Ana said...

I have them case you ever want any ;)) Im glad to share...