Monday, September 29, 2008

St Peter Church, Wolverhampton

I purchased this wonderful St Peter Church postcard during my short stay in Wolverhampton.

The Church of England (also known as the Anglican church) has probably the richest archive material in the world.

No part of the current fabric of St Peter's can be dated earlier than the 14th century; and these sections are limited to the lower portion of the tower, the south transept, parts of the south aisle, the entrance doorway and the body of the southern porch.

The church has an antique font believed to date from that time, and a pulpit said to date from 1480.

Do you know that
The church has a fine set of bells - the second oldest complete set of twelve in the country. The bells are rung twice weekly, on Mondays (practice night: 1945-2100 except Bank Holidays) and for the Sunday service (1000-1100).

I love this beautiful bookmark so much !!!


Marie Reed said...

I love to travel through your postcards!

Ed said...

These postcards of St.Peters are wonderful, I used to work in Wolverhampton, very close to the church and heard the bells ring often.