Thursday, September 11, 2008

Macau_Senado Square & Sam Kai Vui Kun

I receive this two lovely postcard from my friend ~ Michelle.
I'm so grateful that she still remember to send me this postcard while traveling.
And I love those postcard so much.

Largo Do Senado
The "Maritime" Squares of Macau

One of the most famous venues in Macau, the classically constructed Senado Square . Its famous fountain has been renovated several times, and currently a celestial globe as used by pioneering Portuguese seamen can be seen in the middle of the fountain, a captivating sight under lighting at night. The Square is a popular place for holding all sorts of cultural events, especially at this time of year.

Sam Kai Vui Kun (Templo De Kuan Tai)

The Feast of the Drunken Dragon is held on the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar. The Feast of Kuan Tai is held on the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, on which occasion performances of Chinese opera are held in a specially constructed bamboo shed outside the temple of Sam Kai Vui Kun.

Sam Kai Vui Kun is also known as Kuan Tai Temple and has been located on the site of the old bazaar near Senado Square and Rua dos Mercadores for over two centuries. Originally, it was a meeting place for merchants, and the surrounding area - Rua dos Mercadores, Rua dos Ervanários and Rua das Estalagens - served as the centre of Chinese trading in the city. In later years, a statue commemorating Kuan Tai was placed at Sam Kai Vui Kun, attracting many devotees.

The 2 postcard belongs to series of
Cidade de Sonhos Coloridos (Coleccao)
Obras de Anita Fung Pou Chu


Chowchow said...

Glad you liked these LH.

Marie Reed said...

I'm learning so much from this nifty blog of yours!

Bradpetehoops said...

Great and wonderful island.