Sunday, September 21, 2008

How you store your Postcards ?

This weekend I find myself fun in re-arrange my stack of postcards.

I place all my Postcard in used envelope, and label the envelope according (by country) and arrange the envelope alphabetically.



Gone with postcrads said...

It's a good way to store postcards. Now I have quite limited cards from abroad and I'll follow you when I have enough cards.
I'd like to swap with you and please send your address to me. You may find my email address and home address in my blog.

Ming said...

Wow! You have a big collection!

Bea said...

Just bloghopping from Ana's blog.

It looks like you really have a great collection!

I keep my cards in scrapbooking albums. I have learned that postcards, like photos, should be stored in lignin and acid-free containers. And since we don't have postcard albums in the Philippines (only photoalbums but some postcards won't fit), I decided to just buy a scrapbook albums and put the postcards there.

How I wish I can also update my blog :)

Ana said...

hey, this is a new way of storing cards...havent thought of it before but it may seem useful...need to try it out...and find a stack of envelopes first, one for each still struggling with the way of how to store my far, i still keep them in a shoe-box...what a cliche :)))