Monday, September 15, 2008

Elvisly Yours

I discover to this Elvis-themed shop come museum in my previous visit (Year 2002) to London.

London’s Baker Street seems the natural location for a shop selling Sherlock Holmes memorabilia – deer stalkers, pipes, violin cases. However, be surprised to discover, instead, a store dedicated to the master of rock-n-roll, Elvis Presley. Over 400 items of King-related memorabilia adorn this eccentric outlet, including magazines and magnets, books and badges, posters and photos and a huge statue of the man himself. This is also, apparently, the only store in Europe where you can hear Elvis music all day, everyday. Fans of the man will spend a fortune here; non-fans will spend an age marvelling at the range of stuff this place has accumulated. Elvis is alive and well and living on Baker Street.

Did you know?
It is illegal to mow a front lawn in Switzerland dressed as Elvis.


Marie Reed said...

Illegal? Wow! That is just wild! I want to blog about that too:)

Carole said...

That's funny that it's illegal. lol

What a great photo of Elvis.