Friday, September 4, 2009

A place I like to work in

Skokloster library is located on the top floor in the eastern part of the castle overlooking the lake. When the castle was built contemporary architects recommended that libraries - as a tradition from antiquity - would be located to the east, where they could best exploit the morning light for reading. This store currently seven aristocratic family library.Carl Gustaf Wrangel had set up his collection of books in the castle in the middle of the 1660s.Upon his death in 1676 included collection of around 2400 books. They were organized by topic and size.

The library consists of books that he inherited from his father, Herman Wrangel, books he received as a gift or take in spoils of war, but most of all the books he bought.

* I wish to work in LIBRARY !

A little notes about the castle.
Skokloster has been nominated for Sweden's most beautiful castles in the magazine Queen. 10 Swedish castle has been nominated by a jury consisting of Frederick Bedoire - a professor of architectural history, Peder Lamm - antiques expert and Eva Littorin - Castle reporter.

Shimmering magnificent objects and trivial things, luxury and everyday life in the commander housing. Better than most places we know who has manufactured, used and admired the well-preserved interiors and objects. Skokloster is the largest private palace ever built in Sweden.

Recently, I had received some postcards from Australia, Philippine, UK, Malta , Taiwan & etc.
So much thank you to all of you.
I shall upload the postcards later.
I'm so busy in my hectic working life now.

Happy PFF !!

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Notjustnat said...

Layhoon, that's really a nice place to work or even visit. I work in a library, but not as grand as this one. Just wish harder and it will come true for you. Believe it or not, I wished to work in a library for years and one day, it happened. Five year on and still loving it - Hugs Natima