Friday, September 11, 2009

Ocean Park of Hong Kong

A pair of Giant Pandas, named An An (安安)and Jia Jia (佳佳), was given by the central government in 1999. To mark the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty, a second couple of bears were given to Hong Kong. The pair of two year-old bears, named Le Le (樂樂) and Ying Ying (盈盈), arrived in the territory from the China Conservation and Research Center in Wolong, Sichuan in late April 2007.A new compound had been prepared at the park to house them on their arrival.

Frankly speaking, I'm not too sure which is Ying Ying or Le Le.

Happy PFF !!!


Postcardy said...

They look like they were enjoying their new home.

Snap said...

What fun! I love Pandas. Fun postcards!

Sherrie said...

They are so beautiful!! Have never saw a real live Panda! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!!


Margo said...

I love pandas. We saw them at the Atlanta zoo last summer. They were separated and behind glass, so you could get up close and see them (they had an outdoor habitat too, it was a really hot day). They looked just like they do in your last card... hanging out and eating bamboo. Happy PFF!