Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wood Postcard ~ Bruce Lee

The Squirrel Wood Postcard is not only a totally sendable postcard, but a little work of art! Wood Postcard measures 6" x 4 and requires standard postcard postage. can be sent and received just like a normal postcard! Everything appears to be printed directly onto the a thin "slice" of eco-friendly sustainably harvested wood, complete with address lines on the flip side.

The Bruce Lee's wood postcard send from Taiwan to Malaysia.

Seem thick but light.

You may want to read more about the Wood Postcard here.



You may purchase the blank wood postcard and carved for yourself (Cost about $2.50)

* Thank you to Yik Long allowed me to upload his collection on my blog.


Ian Choong said...

It is nice to know someone from the same neighbourhood....... surprise.... really surprise.

Gone with postcrads said...

It's lovely~~ I hope to a same one~~