Friday, November 28, 2008

Penang Scenery Postcards

I found this treasure in Flea Market @ Amcorp Mall, Malaysia few weeks ago.

I was shocked when saw this wonderful booklet of postcard in one corner.

I really no idea in which year the postcard was printed. But I know it's really very old and antique.

We could hardly found the same scene in Penang now.

The Cover page

Hill Railway Penang ~ The Hill Railway is one of the tourist attraction of Penang, a must for all tourist.

The unique about these postcard, there is another small pictures (beside the main postcard). The purpose of the small piece is enable the sender to make record to whom & where was the postcard send to.

Railway Clock Tower

Mount Pleasure Swimming Pool

Ferry Terminal

Penang Ferry

North Coast

Ayer Itam Pagoda

New Government Building


steviewren said...

What a great find! I love finding old postcards of the city I live in.

Marie Reed said...

What a pleasant surprise!