Thursday, February 4, 2016

What is your first impression of Kuala Lumpur

BackHome is one of a backpacker hotel located at the center of Kuala Lumpur. 
The series of postcard captured the snippet about the daily life of the locals. 

What is your first impression of Kuala Lumpur ? 

A large city as being the cacophony of a busy street ?

  • one of the busier street to city town center ~ the tranquil moment (shown in postcard) that only appeared on Sunday morning 
  • (hints) Chinese New Year is approaching (Feb 8-9 ), you may want to join the crowd to Petaling Street for shopping spree 

  • if you can spot the beautiful curve of the buildings 

  • You can expect to see the old shop (chai diam ma) backlane 

  • Order yourself a half-boiled egg, set of toast with Butter and Kaya (coconut jam) and a cup of Nanyang tea (such as Teh Tarik or Teh C or Kopi-O or Charm ) in those old cafe house.  


Joyful said...

Beautiful images. You make the city look like a haven of quiet. When you are in a busy place it is always important to find one's quiet spaces throughout the day I find.

babYpose said...

A different perspective how you potray it. Love Kuala Lumpur ♡

Lay Hoon Chua said...

Find a piece of tranquil moment

Lay Hoon Chua said...

:) Yes. I love KL