Friday, February 26, 2016

年年有餘 Nian Nian You Yu

 (A postcard sent from Connie of Hong Kong)

年年有餘 (pronounced as Nian Nian You Yu) means 'May every year ends with ample surplus' or ‘Plenty to spare year after year’ or ‘May you have more than you need, every year’.

Chinese is a fun language, a language of word-play, very creative indeed 
年(nian) 年(nian) 有 (you) 餘 (yu) 

and yu  (meaning surplus) sounds like yu  (meaning fish).
So, don't surprise why FISH is a common symbol in both Chinese culture and Feng Shui 
as it symbolized the surplus wealth, health, luck, fortune and long life.   

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