Sunday, July 12, 2015

6 Random Tips for travelers to Angkor Wat

Hi all, hope you are having a good time out there. 

I've traveled to Angkor Wat, Cambodia in June 2015. I had did some research before the tour (all by our own/ free & easy) and mainly on the main highlights of the place. 
In spite of that, there were some details and thoughts that I think are useful for all the travelers :-

1) Suggest to read A Record of Cambodia: the Land and its People by Zhou Daguan 《真腊风土记》 Zhou Daguan is the author of 'The Customs of Cambodia'. He is one of the diplomats from China that lived in Angkor from 1296 to 1297. The journal becomes the only written source about the custom and daily living of the people from empire Angkor. It has been widely used as a first-hand guideline / reference for the researchers and even for the Cambodian to trace their ancestors. 

* PS: How I wish I could read it beforehand. 
There were few Mandarin simplified language translated version available online. 

2) Have a good and relax trip indeed. Keep the speed at your own pace. 

The photo taken inside Angkor Wat.   

3) Photograph in Angkor temples

To look photogenic in your photos, you may consider to wear in orange, yellow or red. 

*PS: Trick to use different angles for capturing better photos. Just to have fun !

a lit up candle 
Nose-to-nose pose


Do bring along umbrella, handy one, especially for those who plan to travel in around June - August.  
* PS : We have been caught in the rain on our first day arrival. 

5) Be caution for the height

Be prepare for some climbing. The most steep climbing require at Angkor Wat (left hand photo), visitor who want to have full view may queue for the 'Bakan Pass' and get to the steep stairs and conquer the height for beautiful view. 
* PS. No short pant / dress please

   Angkor Wat Temple's steep stairs - photo by N. Rickards

6) Not to forget to send a postcard 

Postcard - price varies from US$ 1 to 2 each (in good quality) in local store.

Or you may purchase them, especially for those 'old & vintage' postcards from local post-office. (price range from US$0.5 each)

Stamps - the cost to send a postcard from post office is US$0.8 and $1 in airport. The differential in USD probably due to the conversion of Riel to USD (in June 2015, 1USD = 3,000 Riel)

Note: The riel is the official currency of Cambodia despite most Cambodians preferring the US Dollar which has become the country's most common currency. 

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Nancy Chan said...

I have not been to Angkor Wat. Thanks for sharing these interesting photos of your trip.