Friday, December 31, 2010

12 top favourite postcard of the year 2010

I've make some review for the postcards I received for this year.
So hard to choose as most published in this blog was my favorite postcards.

(1) Hologram Postcard

(2) Nice pressed map postcard

(3) from an old poster

(4) Vintage Map Poster


(6) My dream

(7) Gorgeous Map Card
img-X07075341-0001 - Copy

(8) Uneven in shape (I love it !!)

(9) Long card
zion national park

(10) Very romantic , love the color

(11) Map Postcard again
img-Y23075010-0001 - Copy

(12) Nice interior card
st mary's cathedral

1 comment:

Christine H. said...

What a great and varied selection, Lay Hoon! I have enjoyed your blog all year and look forward to more beautiful postcards in 2011. I really enjoyed looking at #7 on this post, because I was just reading about the big flood that created all the islands there. This map card shows how much land was permanently lost to the flood. Amazing.