Friday, March 27, 2009

Wroctaw, Poland

Ksenia ( Orange_dreamer) send me this postcard in one of Round Robins ~ Slavic Countries RR Special Group 25.

The postcard showing the Centennial Hall in Wroctaw, which is a UNESCO site.
According to Ksenia, it was built about 1911-1913, but is a good example of modernism.


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Pure symmetry!
Evelyn in Montreal

steviewren said...

It is pretty reflected in the water.

Marie Reed said...

Was this a postcrossing round robin that you participated in? Sounds like a great idea!

Sheila said...


I must send you a map card from France, or if I get a chance to go to Bruges next week, perhaps on eof the Cathedral there because it's a UNESCO site.

Janeen said...

Happy PFF! Wow, that's a beauty! I like how you can see the reflection in the water, just stunning! Great choice. Have a great day!

MuseSwings said...

Beautiful building in a beautiful country!