Wednesday, March 18, 2009


" The Blackheads House ; The National Opera ; The Convent Yard ; Three Brothers ; A view from the Dome Square ; The Dome Cathedral ; St.Peter's - Paul's Orthodox Church ; The Powder Tower ; St.Peter's Church"

I was so excited when I first receive the FIRST Postcard from Latvia.
Thanks to Catherine willing to swap postcard.

Some facts that I learned about Latvia

i) Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea with ancient history and traditions.

ii) There are about 3000 lakes in Latvia. Most of them are rather small. Approximately 40 % are located in Eastern part of Latvia.

iii) Latvia has a 494 km long white, sandy Baltic Sea coastline.The Baltic Sea is one of the most recent and shallowest seas in the world. The deepest point (470m) is to the north of Gothland. The Baltic Sea is a typical inland sea with about 250 inflowing rivers. Therefore, it has the least salty water in the world.

iv) 80% of the world's reserves of amber are found in the Baltic Sea region.

v) In 2004 the Republic of Latvia joined the European Union - a family of 25 nations.