Monday, February 16, 2009

Feel yourself Russian !

The first postcard from Russia.

at the Nikolayevsky Palace (a.k.a. Nikolai Palace)

Authentically Russian entertainment will be provided by the following ensembles:

• MAIDAN Cossacks Ensemble,
• Vocal Ensemble PETERS-QUARTET,
• Quartet of Russian Folk Instruments RUSSIAN COLOR,
• Ensemble of Historical Dance REVERANS
• CLASSICA String Quartet

The "Feel Yourself Russian" folk show at this 18th-century palace is aggressively promoted at many hotels, and is extremely tourist-oriented. The traditional costumes are superb, if overly bright, and the dancers are strong, but the whole performance is almost stereotypical. It's cheery and accessible to non-Russian speakers, and unlike many similar shows around town that toss in a topless number at the end, this one is family-friendly.

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