Thursday, December 4, 2008

Windsmill of Holland

Hollands is famous of it's Wind Mills.

The Netherlands is famed for its mills. Today, there are still more than 1000 in windmills in Netherland. Nowhere in the world do you find so many mills to each other than in the village of Kinderdijk. At around 1740 are 19 solid mills built to date are well maintained and still in operation.

The mills grinding the excess water from the bolders Alblasserwaard - which are well below sea level - to the naastgeleven River Lek. The river argues in turn that water back to the (North) sea.

The strong sailing of the mills brought their power to blades, which the water of the lower polder to the higher values inflated. Now this happens d.m.v. a pumping station, one of the largest in Europe.

In 1997, the windmills of Kinderdijk to put the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

(Dutch version here)

Thanks to Heddy Annet Turksma for the 2nd postcard.

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