Friday, October 23, 2015

Haze is blanketing Kuala Lumpur

Skywatch Friday

I do not have great blue sky nor nice sunset photos to show off.
Kindly bear with me, we are amid the haze blanketing the surrounding.

The shots were taken on Oct 19 & 20 from the office window.
I was feel like suffocated on that two days. I would said that was the worst ever (fingers crossed)
However, the haze is still out there (as of today).

Notes to travelers 
The deterioration in the air quality and visibility conditions cause by haze. The hazy situation happened around August - October, dry season in Malaysia, Singapore, part of Thailand. The haze problem was caused by uncontrolled open burning to clear land agricultural uses (worsen if in dry season) in Indonesia. The prevailing southeasterly winds blowing in haze spreading westward from Sumantra and Kalimantan. The situation turning serious from year to year.


rupam sarma said...

Wow Amazing view, Great captures

Light and Voices said...

Halloween is approaching. Haze adds to the dimension of these images. Have a nice week-end.

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like the haze is worse in KL. We in Ipoh are not spared but have been bearing with the worsening haze. This year is the worst!

fredamans said...

That is the thickest haze I've ever seen!

Joyful said...

Even though it is very hazy you got some great photos.