Thursday, May 28, 2015

Send you a postcard from Angkor Watt, Cambodia

One of the series postcards that I received from my lady boss during her travel to Angkor Watt in 2009)

Hi , hope you all are well out there. 

I'm so happy that I have finally purchase my flight ticket to travel to Angkor Watt, Siem Reap, Cambodia in a week time. Angkor Watt, the sacred temple that I wish to go since 2008 (7 years ago).
It is 2 hours flight from Malaysia.  

I wonder if my readers would like to receive a postcard from me in Cambodia (up to 5 postcards).

Kindly leave your comment here or email me at layhoon(dot)chua(at)gmail(dot)com by latest June 4 birthday :)

(edited on Jun 12,2015)
4 of the postcards are underway from Cambodia. 


Nancy Chan said...

Hi Lay Hoon, thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. Wishing you an enjoyable trip in Cambodia in advance.

Gem from Calgary said...

Hi lay noon and happy birthday on june 4th.
I would love a postcard from your current trip.
Happy and safe travels.
My postcard blog is called gems world postcards
My address is on my blog.
Take care and thankyou.
Glenn moores

Rajesh said...

Beautiful carvings.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful carvings.