Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Visit Korea Year


Did you know that year 2010 - 2012 is the Visit Korea Year.
There are several events / promotions conducted throughout the years.

Highlights include a Korea wide shopping extravaganza called the Korea Grand Sale, a 3+1/4+1 sale on select hotel rooms called the One More Night Promotion, and even a free shuttle service to such great destinations as Busan, Gyeongju, and Jeonju.

Free Shuttle Bus Service
Period of Traveling
January 1 ~ December 31, 2011 (12 Months)

Overseas visitors and foreign residents

Every day except Mondays

Read more details here.

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Christine H. said...

I would love to visit Korea in 2011, but what's this about Mondays. Seriously, I may do it.

Lay Hoon said...

Thanks Christine, I miss out a row of words ...that's 'Free Shuttle Bus Service' to Busan, Gyeongju & Jeonju for every day except Monday