Friday, March 11, 2011

Historic Malacca Postcards Exhibition 2011


Old photographs in the form of picture postcards, in particular, are public exposition of things, people, sights seen by travelers along the way, that momentarily captured their private attention.

This is an exhibition of more than hundred postcard views of Malacca between 1900-1950 seen through the eyes of colonial travelers.

The questions to be asked :- 

What was seen and experienced ?
What was represented ?
What was valued ?
How pertinent are these qualities today ?
What have we gained and lost through time ?

Free Admission

19 February - 22 May 2011

Friday (1pm - 5pm)

Saturday & Sunday (11am - 5pm)

56 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Malacca, Malaysia
(a dutch building next to Baba Nyonya museum)


Thank you to Mr. Poh & Mr Collin Goh for details information shared.


(Information gather from the Pocket Guide)


Christine H. said...

Even in black and white, these photos are so beautiful.

TheKerneyCrump said...

Its funny, I actually prefer the black and white printing of the postcards, there is a certain tenderness to the postcard that is appropriate. I had a set of cards done by DPM Print, that looked absolutely attrocious in color but when it was put to black and white just seemed to work. Funny how those things are.



liberal sprinkles said...

Very nice cards, I love vintage and b&w. I'm checking out postcard blogs today. If you like, I also have a postcard blog and a more eclectic main blog with a bit of everything in it. Have a great day!