Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Multiview of Belarus


On the left : St Boris and Gleb's church (Kalozha church) in Grodno
UNESCO site in Belarus. The SS. Boris and Gleb (Kalozha) Church in the city of Hrodna was built in 1180s by architect Pyotr Milaneh on the high right bank of the river Nieman, opposite the Castle Hill, in the territory of the former Kalozha settlement.

On the right top : Lake Naroch
Lake Narach (Naroch) is a lake in North-West Belarus. It is the largest lake in Belarus (before 1939 Narocz was the largest lake of Poland).

On the right bottom : The castle ruins in Smoliany

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I'm not only collecting postcards, but those postmarks, stamps are my favorites too.

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Christine H. said...

Wow, beautiful landscapes and beautiful stamps. Maybe I need to put Belarus on my long list of places to visit before I die.